Martin Goodhead

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Martin is an English Literature Phd whose research details with contemporary representations of British working-class subjectivity within post-2008 fiction with reference to hauntology and emergent political imaginaries along with existent practices. He previously completed an MA in English at Keele, graduating in 2018/19 with a thesis on Williamsian working-class Residual and Emergent practices in reference to Mark Fisher’s Hauntology within the novels of Martin Amis, Lisa Blower and Anthony Cartwright, having previously gained degrees from Oxford and Glasgow in Literature (MA) andFilm Journalism (MLitt) respectively and then worked in film journalism, e-publishing in visual arts,teaching and frontline projects work around training and arts in the homelessness-sector.

Martin has worked as a Peer Review Liaison and Editor for the Keele HUMSS journal Under Construction@Keele , before taking over as Editor-in-Chief in June 2019. He previously co-edited Alluvium Journal’s ‘The Global Contemporary: Ecologiesof Gender and Class within the Combined and Uneven Anthropocene’June 2019 issue.

Martin is a Graduate Student Rep on the BACLS Executive Committee (2020-22). He also serves on Keele’s Humanities and Social Science Work in Progress Research Seminar Group,an active member of Keele’s Geopoetics collective Dawdlers, Postgraduate Rep for Keele’s Postgraduate Community and Student Rep on Keele’s HUMSS Postgraduate Research Committee. He co-organized the 2018 and 2019 HUMSS Postgraduate Conferences at Keele, and lead- organized November 2018’s‘ Placing Class within the Contemporary
’interdisciplinary Conference at Keele.