Red Handed
True Crime at Salford: “Fiction is far more true than any journalism”

September 27th, 2017 by Martin Eve, in conference

November 11th, Salford University

Part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science, which runs across the country, with events hosted by Salford University.This year’s event will examine the way that true crime, literary fiction, film and TV drama alongside media portrayals help to shape attitudes and responses to violent crime. The event will include contributions from academics from a range of disciplines, sociology, criminology and cultural studies as well as novelists, film makers, journalists and those who work within the Criminal Justice System.
There will be a series of short – 20/25 mins presentation followed by 5/10 mins for question and a plenary
Confirmed speakers include:

  • Dr Caroline Logan –Consultant Forensic Clinical Psychologist – The Female Psychopath in Fiction
  • Caroline Jones – Social Policy Lecturer Salford University – An Analysis of The Ripper Walk Tours
  • Dr Martin King In Cold Blood True Crime as a genre.
  • Mark Blacklock author of I’m Jack – a novel based on the hoax tapes in the Yorkshire Ripper case
  • Robin Jarossi – journalist and author of the true crime work The Hunt for the 60s Ripper

Tickets for the event, which are free, can be booked here.