Alluvium 9.4 issue now out

September 6th, 2021 by Diletta De Cristofaro, in

This issue unites its articles under a thematic umbrella of highlighting underrepresented voices and genres. These articles discuss works of writing that are not widely represented within our received canon, whether such under-representation pertains to the kinds of stories they tell, social groups they foreground, or genres they occupy. All four articles in this September issue of Alluvium showcase literature’s potential to offer alternatives to mainstream or traditional viewpoints. Whether this is done through giving characters belonging to minority groups a voice to articulate their experiences of, and struggles with their position in society, evoking empathy with, and allowing the reader to identify with these characters, or offering the possibility of achieving an alternative future, these articles underline the powerful role and the ability of literature to offer new perspectives to its readers.

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